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Preschool Matters in Fayette County

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Early education, what a child learns before they attend kindergarten, overwhelmingly influences how successful that child will be in school. Our local preschools, God’s Little Blessings, Happytime, and Magic Moments, have partnered with the Fayette County Foundation to bring early education awareness to Fayette County and to increase our preschool enrollment.

To make it easier than ever to register your child for preschool, income-based tuition scholarships are now available. Scholarships will pay for half the school’s monthly tuition.

Come meet your local preschool providers!

Meet Your Local Preschool Directors

Alisha Montgomery

"We encourage discovery, creativity, and development in a safe, respectful, relationship-based environment. We put this into action through our curriculum and daily programming designed to help all children learn and grow under biblical truths."

- Vi Sarmiento, Director, God's Little Blessings

Alisha Montgomery

"Happytime was begun in 1968 and each year has brought growth and change. However, the basic program has remained unchanged. The main thing we have in preschool is fun. We all truly enjoy children and rejoice in their accomplishments."

Billie Bergen, Director, Happytime Preschool

Alisha Montgomery

"Magic Moments is a wonderful place to work! It is like a big family! I have always wanted to become a teacher since I was little. It is wonderful to see the joy on their faces when something new is learned."

Alisha Montgomery, Director, Magic Moments Preschool

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonial

"Magic Moments has been great for my daughter. We have seen her improve in mathematics, writing, and social skills. The staff at Magic Moments has always been helpful, kind, and understanding. My daughter loves to come to school every day."

- Samantha and Olivia Whitecotton, 2015 Magic Moments Family

Parent Testimonial

"God's Little Blessings Preschool has given Landon a chance to meet some great friends! We have watched him blossom into a boy who is confident and excited about learning. The warm atmosphere has made this preschool a perfect fit for our family."

- David and Landon Ellis, 2015 God's Little Blessings Family

Parent Testimonial

"The difference in Cooper academically and socially is amazing. He has thrived at Magic Moments!"

- Janna and Cooper Gray, 2015 Magic Moments Family

Parent Testimonial

"We love God's Little Blessings because they embrace each child for their unique qualities. The staff treat the children as if they were their own and with so much patience and respect. We could not have been happier with God's Little Blessings."

- Corina and Ella Gray, 2015 God's Little Blessings

Parent Testimonial

"Emmett has leaned so much while attending God’s Little Blessings. We have no doubt that he is ready for kindergarten thanks to the amazing staff and their dedication to the students. He knows letters, colors and sight words but he also has a better understanding of boundaries, schedules and routines. It has been wonderful to watch him make friends and grow as an individual. God’s Little Blessings has become an extension of our family!"

- Megan and Emmett Nobbe, 2015 God's Little Blessings Family

Parent Testimonial

"Magic Moments is a great preschool. I have seen a lot of improvement in my daughter since she has started at Magic Moments. I feel it has prepared her for Kindergarten. I would recommend Magic Moments to any family looking for a preschool."

- Shannon and Haley Drew, 2015 Magic Moments Family

Contact Your Local Preschool Providers Today!

Vi Sarmiento, Director
Email: vi@cbcconnersville.org
Phone: 827-4798
Online: cbcconnersville.org/glb-elc

Billie Bergen, Director
Phone: 825-1567
Online: Find us on Facebook

Alisha Montgomery, Director
Email: amontgomery@fayette.k12.in.us
Phone: 825-0023
Online: magicmomentsschool.com

Funded by the Fayette County Foundation.

The mission of the Fayette County Foundation is to support positive, sustainable change in our community. Through the generosity of donors like you, the Foundation is proud to fund programs like Preschool Matters. You can be confident that your gift to the Foundation stays local, and helps local people, like our youngest learners. To find out how you make more programs like Preschool Matters a reality, visit us online at www.fayettefoundation.com or call us at 765-827-9966.

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